The Doomsday Wrestling Halloween Special!

Halloween is lurking just around the corner and the folks at Doomsday Wrestling couldn’t be more excited!

The best little wrasslin’ show in Texas is all set to give Houston some gory and gruesome grappling! But when the ghost of a long dead wrestler rears its ugly head, Tex Lonestar and the gang will have to go through extreme measures to combat this sinister spandex-covered specter!

Come on out to Numbers Night Club, Saturday, October 21st, for the Doomsday Wrestling Halloween Special! Get your advance discount tickets now and help the amazingly hilarious athletes of Doomsday Wrestling punish a poltergeist just a few days before everyone’s favorite pagan holiday!

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The Doomsday Wrestling Halloween Special!
Saturday, October 21st

Numbers Night Club
300 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Doors open at 8pm. Show starts 9ish.

Doomsday Wrestling Hurricane Harvey Benefit (Paint the Town Red)

Everyone at Doomsday Wrestling is so proud of our city for its quick response to helping out the victims of Hurricane Harvey! Let’s keep it going!

For our upcoming event “Paint the Town Red!” we will be donating all profits to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. So come on out Saturday, September 9th to the Sigma Brewing Company for a night of hilarious headlocks and hysterical bodyslams!

You thought the Cold War was over? Think again!

The amazing athletes of Doomsday Wrestling return to Houston to battle the horrors of 1980s era Soviet communism in the squared circle!

All of your favorite (and least favorite!) wrestlers will be stepping between the ropes and standing up for the Lone Star State! Mr. Cuddles!The Lunchador! Top Banana! Monkey Boy! “The One Man Panty Raid” Chad Varsity! The Call of the Wild! And many more will be there live and in color to rid the ring of communist infiltrators and spies! Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!

And of course, this incredible athletic spectacle will be accompanied with a heapin’ helpin’ of quality craft beer that only Sigma can produce! Delicious!

It’s the battle we’ve all been waiting for! Can the great state of Texas handle it? Not without your help!

Join Doomsday Wrestling and Sigma Brewing Company on September 9th to help PAINT THE TOWN RED for a really great cause! We love you Houston!

If you are unable to attend this event, but would still like to donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund click here

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Saturday, September 9th

Sigma Brewing Company
3118 Harrisburg Boulevard

Doors open at 7pm Show starts at 8pm

Doomsday Wrestling Presents “Beefy Joe’s Last Stand”

Nothing lasts forever. All great things must come to an end.

Join us Saturday, June 17th as we bid farewell to one of the most popular atheletes in all of Doomsday Wrestling, BEEFY JOE! Be a part of professional wrestling history as the butcher-turned-wrestler rides off into the sunset and leaves the squared circle behind once and for all.

But wait! It’s not that easy! Beefy Joe still has some unfinished business to take care of… and he needs your help! The fate of Doomsday Wrestling and probably the entire world hangs in the balance. Beefy Joe needs you all there chanting BEEF! BEEF! BEEF! BEEF!

He can’t do it alone. Be there! ALL AGES!

Saturday, June 17th

Numbers Night Club
300 Westheimer

Doors open at 8pm

Doomsday Wrestling Live at Comic Palooza

Hey there wrestling fans! Be sure and check us out at Comicpalooza on May 12th and 13th at 7pm!
And get your discounted passes to Comicpalooza by using the promo code “doomsday3” (three day pass) or “doomsday1” (one day pass).
Save yourself some money and enjoy Doomsday Wrestling at Comicpalooza! This will be the first stop we make before Doomsday Wrestling: Beefy Joe’s Last Stand at Numbers Nightclub!

Violence has never been this funny!

Get Your Comicpalooza Passes
Use the promo code “doomsday3” for a discounted three day pass
or “doomsday1” for a discounted one day pass

May 12th & 13th – 7PM

George R. Brown Convention Center – Hall A3
1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010

Doomsday Wrestling Live at Market Square Park

Join us on Saturday, April 22 for an evening of headlocks and hi-jinks with the wackiest wrestlers that you’ve ever seen. Described as being like the WWE but intentionally funny—and named Best Comedy Show by the Houston Press— Doomsday Wrestling has been entertaining Houston with its unique brand of over-the-top “comedy wrestling” since 2003. And now the best little wrasslin’ show in Texas is set to body slam Market Square Park into submission! This a FREE event and is suitable for all ages.

Violence has never been this funny!

Get more info and RSVP now!

Saturday, April 22nd

Market Square Park
301 Milam St, Houston, TX 77002


Doomsday Wrestling Presents Charlene Lonestar’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

t’s somebody’s birthday! The legendary Charlene Lonestar is finally turning 16 years old and we want you to come to the party! Join the fine, upstanding folks of Doomsday Wrestling for a night of laughs, wrasslin’ and drinking! That’s right! This isn’t just any sweet 16. This little lady’s birthday is going to be held at none other than Sigma Brewing Company in east downtown Houston! And we’re offering a special rock bottom price of only $10 for this amazing shindig! Yes that is not a typo, for the low price of 10 bones you get 7 pulse pounding matches that could only be executed by the superhuman athletes of Doomsday Wrestling! Including Twerkules, the Burnings Sensations, Top Banana, the mysterious Doll Face, BoJoffo the Immortal Genie and many, many more!

And not only will there be headlocks and bodyslams but the Lone Star Samwiches food truck will be parked just a few steps from the ring to take care of all of your hungry desires.

Violence! Awesome eats! Tasty Adult Beverages! This isn’t your typical Sweet 16 birthday pary!

Doomsday Wrestling and Sigma Brewing Company are pulling out all of the stops to make this slam bang birthday extravaganza an event Charlene Lonestar and the rest of Houston will never forget!

Get your cheap tickets now!

Violence has never been this funny!

Saturday, March 4th

Sigma Brewing Company
300 Westheimer

Doors open at 8pm

Doomsday Wrestling Presents “Deep In The Heart of Tex”

Saturday, November 12th, Doomsday Wrestling faces the most unthinkable threat to their entire existence. This unspeakable danger just might destroy the best little wrasslin’ show in Texas forever. No one is safe!


That’s right folks, the Lonestar State’s favorite son will officially be off the market. Sorry ladies!

Come out to Numbers Night Club for hilarious wrestling action as a mysterious woman sweeps Tex off his feet and wedding bells ring! All the amazing athletes of Doomsday Wrestling will be there! The Russian Bear! Beefy Joe! Precious Jules! The Burning Sensations! Hot Flash! BoJoffo the Immortal Genie! And many, many more! Plus, newly crowned Doomsday Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion TWERKULES will be defending his title!

What impact will these nuptials have on the world of Doomsday Wrestling? Will Tex be able to find a balance between married life and his first love, professional wrestling? Get your advance discount tickets here and find out! Doomsday Wrestling 30 “Deep in the Heart of Tex”

Saturday, November 12th

Numbers Night Club
300 Westheimer

Doors open at 8pm

No one will be sparred. Not even the children.

Doomsday Wrestling Emergency Relief Fund for Judie Outrageous

Alright wrasslin’ fans! Tragedy struck recently when Judie Outrageous, one of the amazing atheletes of Doomsday Wrestling was injured during a tag team match. Judie is doing ok and recovering nicely but she has a helluva hospital bill to deal with now and she needs our help!

Join us Thursday, October 20th at Neil’s Bahr as Doomsday Wrestling presents a 5 match mini show to benefit Judie!

Come witness all of your favorite magicians of the mat perform violence to help cover the cost of violence!

All of the fan favorites will be there! Top Banana! The Burning Sensations! Twerkules! Death Row Flo! Charlene Lonestar! The Stormin’ Mormons! Your Worst Nightmare and many more! Plus there will be a chance to win some free tickets to our upcoming milestone Doomsday Wrestling 30 event!

We’ll provide the action and entertainment. All you need to do is show up. This event is no cover. Just come on down, have a few drinks and enjoy some wrasslin’ at a cool bar for a good cause!

Help Judie Out!! See ya in the ring!!

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Doomsday Wrestling Murder Mystery Show!

A MURDER! Someone is dead!! Who could have done such a thing?

The world of comedy wrasslin’ will be rocked to its very foundations when DOOMSDAY WRESTLING presents the first ever Murder Mystery wrestling show! Someone will die in a most brutal way!! But who is the killer?! Can Tex Lonestar and the gang get to the bottom of this horrible crime and learn the truth?

Join us at Numbers Night Club the night of Saturday, July 30th and find out which major character is going to be biting the dust. Hey! No one lives forever!

All of your favorites will be there! Beefy Joe! Top Banana! The Burning Sensations! Twerkules! The Stormin’ Mormons! Hot Flash! And many more!

The DOOMSDAY WRESTLING Murder Mystery! There is a killer on the lose and someone is going to die. Lock your doors. No one is safe. Everyone is a suspect. Even you!

Get your tickets now!

Violence has never been this funny!

DOOMSDAY WRESTLING presents “All the World’s a Cage”

It’s finally happening. DOOMSDAY WRESTLING is returning to its home at Numbers Nightclub on Saturday, May 14th! And this time we’re giving you a STEEL CAGE MATCH!

Animalia the Untamed has been crowned the new Doomsday Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion and the world of professional wrestling has never been the same since. This beast woman has raised the standards of violence and brutality in the squared circle to an all time high and the only way to keep our audience safe is to lock her in a solid titanium steel cage!

But hold on! Animalia the Untamed isn’t the only amazing athlete that you’ll see on the night of May 14th!

All of your favorites will be there! Death Row Flo! The Stormin’ Mormons! Twerkules! The Top Banana! The Call of the Wild! Plus, the return of none other than Doomsday Wrestling legend Lil’ Dickens!

It’ll be a night of over the top violence and funny bone breaking hilarity! Get your tickets now!

Violence has Never Been This Funny!

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