Doomsday Wrestling invites you to our landmark 25th event!

Come on down to Numbers Night Club on Saturday, July 18th for a heavy dose of hilarious action and bone crunching shenanigans!

8 matches of chills, thrills and spills!

All of your wrestling favorites will be there live and in person! The Fabulous Bunny Boyz! Beefy Joe! Mr. Cuddles! Animalia the Untamed! El Baño! And many more!

Doomsday Wrestling is making sure that this milestone production will be something to remember, so get ready! Numbers Night Club will be reduced to a smoldering crater in the middle of Montrose.

Be there!

Violence has never been this funny!

Buy tickets early online and save some cash!

Doomsday Keeps Old-Fashioned Rasslin’ Alive | Houston Press

Check it out wrestling fans! The Houston Press wrote up a really nifty article about our last show, Montezuma’s Revenge!

Doomsday Wrestling finally made the papers, and this time it wasn’t for rampant steroid abuse.


Source: Doomsday Keeps Old-Fashioned Rasslin’ Alive | Houston Press

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